Best Folding Wagons You Can Buy in Canada 2022

Having handy tools around the house can make everyday chores simple to accomplish. This is what a collapsible wagon does. Not only will you have simplicity, but you will also save a significant amount of time for other things too.

For example, when you are grocery shopping for many items, your collapsible wagon can come in handy and hold the items so that your hands are free. This is also good for times where you are enjoying outdoor activities and the wagon is able to hold your items so that you only have to make one trip.

Why We Chose These 5 As The Best Options

As we conducted our review, we looked at several features of the wagons to determine how each would hold up. These features included their durability, material, and quality. When you have a high quality collapsible wagon, the wheels will be very durable. However, the wheel size also needs to be considered when you know what terrain the wagon will be used for.

1. The Amazon Basics Outdoor Garden Wagon (Best for Garden Work)

Amazon Basics Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon with Cover Bag, Blue Canada

Why it is the best – This collapsible outdoor garden wagon from AmazonBasics will always be worth your time. It is crafted by Amazon and can carry a max load of 264 pounds, which is the most within the market of collapsible wagons. No matter the amount that needs to be carried, it is good to know that the weight will not affect its maneuverability. It can also be steered by its plastic handle.

The wagon’s foldability is straightforward and is space saving while being transported. When you have it folded, you can stow it into the bag it comes with and use it anywhere.


  • You get a 1-year warranty.
  • Almost always in stock and available for fast shipping.
  • Several colours to choose from.
  • Cup/tool holders are a nice touch.


  • You need to assemble some pieces.

2. Heavy Duty Wagon from MacSports (Best for Heavy Duty Work)


If you want a heavy duty wagon, then MacSports will be the best choice. With a long history, MacSports has been able to remain as a reputable wagon manufacturer. It provides a weight capacity of 150 pounds, which allows you to use it to carry many things while out and about for the day. Whether you are shopping or enjoying a day on a picnic, the wagon will provide a great aid in getting things carried around.

As opposed to other wagon brands, MacSports has remained true from day one. The wagon’s fabric is highly durable, resistant to mold, and provides UV protection. The frame offers ruggedness that is able to resist all types of outdoor conditions and terrains.


  • Storage is made easy with its dual front pockets
  • The wagon is less than 10 inches thick while folded


  • Not for transporting individuals

3. The Classic Folding Wagon from Sekey (Best for Wet Terrain)

When you have a wagon for the beach, you have a simple tool that can help accomplish tasks, such as carrying garden tools or groceries. Your classic folding wagon can also easily haul anything that you need hauled. Having a sturdy and durable classic folding wagon from Sekey will help everything become easier without you feeling frustrated.

When you are looking for a folding wagon that can be used for multipurposes, you have a wagon that can be transported quickly.


  • Maintainable on wet beaches
  • Able to handle high loads
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • High amount of versatility
  • Works easily on wet terrains


  • Difficulty navigating dry sand

4. The Timber Ridge Wagon (Best for Space)

With a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds, the Timber Ridge Wagon is easily foldable and ready for the beach. Although it has a high price, it can be a reasonable excuse because of the wagon’s construction being hi-tech. It will also be able to last for years because of the high amount of durability. The steel frame and polyester material allow for a good amount of strength that will allow the wagon to last for years.

The wagon handles are telescopic and are perfect for any age or height and with the wheels being rugged and large, they can ensure a high amount of strength. The wagon is spacious, so storing things is easy so you will not need to decide on what things you should take or things that should not be taken with you.


  • Assembly is effortless
  • Construction is solid
  • Designed with cup holders and compartments for storage
  • Easily glides through rough terrains
  • Wheel turning radius is good


  • Not for sand that is fine
  • Damage can occur if weight is over 150 pounds

5. The Utility Wagon from Best Choice Products (Best for Utility Purposes)

A lot of time can be saved while things are being hauled around with the utility wagon by Best Choice Products. Its frame is all steel and the wheels are extra strong and allow for easy transporting when the weight is below the 150 pound maximum.

Your Utility wagon provides more than enough cargo space and is 32 inches and offers cup holders so that you have room for item storage. A canopy is also resistant to weather and can be detached for easy storing. This allows for items to be covered and prevents your items from rain and sun damage.

The folding is a snap and within seconds you get a compact wagon that can be stowed in small spaces or your car’s trunk for easy access.


  • Detachable canopy
  • High durability thanks to the polyester and powder-coating


  • Not appropriate for riding

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Folding Wagon

When you are on the hunt for a reliable wagon that can provide you with enough durability, you should consider a few things first. When you take the time to consider your options, you will be able to recognize what features will give you a great wagon. Be sure to remember how the steering is conducted, its load capacity, and other characteristics that set the wagon apart from others.

How the Wagon Maneuvers

When you have the best collapsible wagon Canada, you know that it will function properly as you steer it. Its functionality is even more important when you plan to use it in areas that have huge crowds like beaches or a supermarket.

Its Maximum Load

When your wagon is unable to handle its maximum load, there will be multiple trips made. In order to avoid having multiple trips, it is best to have a wagon that can handle its maximum weight and be able to safely transport your things.

Your best foldable wagon Canada will be able to easily hold its maximum weight and many are able to hold at least 120 pounds or more. Even though you may think that the weight is excessive, it will be nice to know that you can easily haul heavy items and light items.

The Size of the Wheel

The wheels found on a foldable wagon will be very durable because of their size. In fact, the size of the wheels can be the difference in how well the wagon handles terrain.

Folding Capability

Your folding wagon needs to be able to fold as easily as it unfolds and without any struggle. Every model should have a method that helps to unfold the wagon, and folding it should only need a little tug and be able to keep fabric away from any points that may pinch you.

When your wagon has many features or is heavy duty, you may have more complications with folding it. If you need to assemble more parts, then folding may need more time. Make sure that you understand the wagon’s foldability prior to the wagon being purchased. This way you can decide if the time required will be worth your extra effort.

Storage Ability and Depth

Having a foldable wagon that provides enough depth will also be able to provide a good amount of storage while you haul it around. So make sure that the wagon’s depth is just as good as its ability to haul. At minimum, the depth of the wagon should be 10 inches. Of course, when the wagon is used for carrying a child, it will need to be deeper.

The Material Used

Your folding wagon will need to have quality material so that it can be stored easily or lifted in and out of a vehicle. The lightweight feeling of the wagon will come from the material used and includes the wheels, frame, and fabric for the interior..

For the frame, the material needs to be strong but lightweight. This material should be made of aluminum, which will make it capable of having heavy things hauled around while remaining light.

For the interior, the material should be either polyester or nylon. Both polyester and nylon will provide durability, be easily cleaned, and lightweight.

The wheels of your folding wagon will be available in many different materials, such as polyurethane, hard nylon, rubber, plastic

Extra Attributes

In order for a folding wagon to be better than the next, many will incorporate extra attributes that make the wagon more user friendly. Some of these characteristics involve canopies, locking wheels, cupholders, adjustable handles, and seatbelts.

Canopies – Although a canopy is not always available, they do allow the wagon to provide protection for the wagon contents so that the items are not in direct sunshine or exposed to rain.

Durable wheel locking mechanism – When the wagon has a durable wheel locking mechanism, it will not roll away when not in use. Plus, if the wagon is made of heavy material and it is not locked, it could also roll away.

Cupholders – Having cupholders provides the user with an added convenience and lessens the amount of possible spills. You may see at least two cup holders that are mesh material.

Handles that adjust – Having handles that adjust make for better function and steering of the wagon. When the wagon’s handles are adjusted, control can be enhanced and allows the pulling of the wagon to be easier.

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