Where To Get Your Windows Tinted in Hamilton, Ontario

Looking for good advice? Trust the locals.

Here are the Top 3 Best Places To Get Your Windows Tinted in Hamilton, Ontario

Our team has researched the top window tinting providers in Hamilton. We found the following 3 businesses to be your best choice for both car and building window tinting. To get the best deal, we recommend getting a quote from each of our top 3 recommended service providers.

Most window tinting companies charge $250-450 for a full vehicle tint depending on the quality of film you want to use. Whereas, most dealerships charge $600-700 for basic window film.

Be sure to ask about the warranty of the film and availability of window tinting appointments. Call the following three businesses, get a quote and let us know how your experience was.


Hamilton Glass Experts

Hamilton Glass Experts


Absolute Tinting

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D&D Appearance