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There are several dozen towing providers in Ottawa, Ontario. It is important to choose a towing provider that is insured. Furthermore, there have been several horror stories involving vehicle storage reported by CBC.

In Nearly every situation. A vehicle is towed from an accident by the company that was called from the scene. This company has the right to hold the towed vehicle until they are paid by insurance. The problem is you may think you are covered by insurance but if you are not you will charge 100's to 1000's of dollars for the vehicle storage time. Don't call just any company that will leave you out to dry. We recommend 2 select towing companies in Ottawa. Please take our recommendation or call out towing hotline so you don't make the same mistake you see some other have on the news.

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Ottawa Towing Rates / Pricing

Most tow trucks services in Ottawa have rates starting at $80 to $100 for regular vehicle towing. Please be aware that many companies also charge per kilometer on top of the base charge. The price of towing also depends on the type of truck required to tow your vehicle. If you require heavy vehicle towing you will have a higher starting cost. Your best bet is to contact one of our recommended providers.