Top Scrap Car Services in Ottawa, Ontario

Looking for good advice? Trust the locals.

What do you do with an old vehicle that doesn't run or have a lot of value to resell? Scrap it for some cash! Even if a vehicle is unusable or missing parts you can get a decent chunk of change for it with a scrap car company.

These companies will often pick up the car from your property and give you cash on the spot. They make their money by scrapping the car and getting money for recycling the metal. Also known as junking your car, scrapping your car provides a lot of benefits beyond the financial reward.

By scrapping a car, you are helping the environment and often freeing up space for yourself literally and even in your mind! It's one of the few business that seems to be win-win for all involved.

Our team has researched the best scrap car services in Ottawa, Ontario. Based on our research and input from locals, we recommend the following scrap car companies.


  • Top Reviewed and Best Reputation
  • All vehicles accepted
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Local Family-owned business since 2011
  • Free quotes available online and via phone


  • Best Charity Option
  • Receive a minimum $250 tax receipt
  • Proceeds benefit local hospitals in Ottawa
  • Win-win business model
  • 5 star average on Google review


  • Highest average cash payouts on scrap cars in Ottawa
  • Free pick-up in the Ottawa area
  • Cash payments
  • 5 star average on Google reviews
  • Free quotes available online and via phone